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Not Just Sperm Production, It’s The Importance Of Testosterone Hormone

Not Just Sperm Production, It’s The Importance Of Testosterone Hormone

Testosterone is a hormone that is 95 percent in men. This hormone is an important hormone for men. Although in women there is also this hormone as much as 5 percent. Testosterone has an important function for men. Normal testosterone levels in men have the function of making optimal thoughts, so the mind is sharper and easier to concentrate even though many distractions. Good testosterone can make more confidence, muscles are also so developed, healthy heart, erection and good sexual arousal, as well as strong bones. Low testosterone makes calcium from foods that are not optimally absorbed. As a result, men with low testosterone will have osteopenia or reduced bone thickness. If it continues it will cause osteoporosis. In addition, low testosterone also causes men to become less energized, weak, often sleepy, and lazy. And a more dangerous effect is to increase the occurrence of Alzheimer’s and depression. Low testosterone levels are a common problem for men who get older and that does affect them in many ways, such as getting sad all the time and in short training sessions feeling tired and experiencing poor performance throughout the day. You do not have to worry about this because we bring you a product that can cope with your anxiety as a man with proven testogens with countless testogen reviews 2017 that testogens containing ginseng extract, fenugreek, selenium.

Testogen can overcome other health problems and increase self-esteem with a marked confidence in a man after using this product. Testogen has an affordable price and becomes an alternative to the treatment of hormone reduction. Men will be more confident after using this product with energy levels that will make them walk with chin up. On the other hand, it can also increase body fat tissue, therefore low testosterone men tend to be obese, especially central obesity. Hence, the older man that if his stomach is getting bigger means that his testosterone has decreased. Low testosterone can also affect men’s sexual life. Low testosterone will increase the risk of erectile dysfunction and low libido.

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