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Maintaining Bathroom Cleanliness

If the bathroom is a place where we clean ourselves every day, will we feel comfortable to clean ourselves if our bathroom is dirty and smelly? In addition, the place we clean ourselves if not cleaned will be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs so that a dirty bathroom can be a place for the spread of disease. It is very important to keep the bathroom clean so that it is always comfortable and hygienic. Clean the bathroom regularly for example 2x in a week and do not wait for the bathroom to get cleaned. You can do regrouting by visiting our website.

Here are some things to consider in maintaining a clean bathroom:

Dispose of trash in the bathroom regularly even every day. Do not let the garbage pile up in the trash so that it does not smell.

Air circulation. Make sure the bathroom has adequate air circulation, such as angina holes or windows. Or use the exhaust fan every time we use the bathroom so it is not stuffy and there is good air circulation.

Lighting. A bright bathroom is needed so that we can see clearly both when we are cleaning ourselves and when cleaning the bathroom. It would be better if the bathroom has natural lighting from the sun so that the bathroom can always be dry and not damp.

Don’t throw away dirty clothes and dirty towels on the bathroom floor. Prepare a special place or basket for dirty clothes and towels. But don’t let the dirty laundry basket pile up so the bathroom stays neat and doesn’t smell.

Clean the spider web. Usually, cobwebs are often found on the ceiling or in the corner of the bathroom wall.

Clean the sink. Sink is often used to brush teeth and wash face. When we brush our teeth or wash our face, sometimes toothpaste or facial cleansing drugs are spilled, or there is even residual dirt left and stuck to the sink. It’s good after we use the sink, we get used to cleaning the sink to keep it clean.

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