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Lost In The Forest? These 5 Important Things You Must Do

Traveling to natural destinations such as national parks, cultural reserves, mountains, or forests is a very fun activity. Nature with its panoramic beauty can always eliminate all fatigue in the mind. The promotion of natural tourism which is intensively carried out by many groups, thus making this tourism trend continues to rise in recent years. Bringing some survival equipment would be one of the keys if we get the worst things that can happen in the wild that we do not recognize the place. You can buy at for a variety of survival tools as your best weapon in the forest.

Travel in the wild requires more preparation and vigilance. In the wild everything can happen unexpectedly, so it is necessary to prepare all the possibilities that occur. Like the case that had a stir some time ago related to the news of all the bones of a climber who was declared missing for 100 days while he was going through the forest to the top of a mountain. The climber was thought to be separated from the group and lost in the forest. If this happens to you, you should pay attention to the following five tips.

1. Don’t Panic
When you wake up separated from the group and get lost in the forest the first thing you have to do is don’t panic. Take control of yourself so you can still think clearly. Contact friends or relatives about your condition and ask for their help.

2. Finding the Direction of the Wind
In the forest, everything will look the same, only trees and dried leaves. Before you start moving from its original position, determine the direction of your destination with a compass. But if you don’t bring it, you can use nature to determine the direction of the compass. Look at the direction of sunrise/sunset or direction of growing moss.

3. Follow the Direction of the Spring Flow
Residents generally live around clean water flow. If you get lost in the forest by following the direction of the flow of water you should be able to find signs of life. Being close to the flow of water is also important to maintain a supply of drinking water to avoid dehydration.

4. Find a High Place
If you have trouble finding directions, another alternative is to head for the highest ground in the forest. From that place, you can see the whole forest from above. Observe the settlement that is closest to your position. Walk down the forest carefully towards the settlement.

5. Find a Shelter at Night
Keep in mind that the forest is home to a variety of wildlife. Do not force yourself to continue the journey at night. Rest and find a haven to avoid attacks by wild animals.

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