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Knowing Condoms For Men

As we know, there are many different types of contraceptives on the market for both men and women. One of the most common contraceptives for men in the market. One of them is a condom. Male condom aka condom for men is one method of contraception that serves to prevent pregnancy and the spread of sexual diseases. Well because this condom is sheathed on mr.P, then mr.P will not be in direct contact with the partner’s body, so this can reduce the risk of sexual diseases. Condoms are placed before sexual intercourse when mr.P is in an erect state. Condoms are usually made of latex, animal skin, or plastic The use of condoms is actually very effective to prevent pregnancy or venereal disease if the use is appropriate. When used every time sexual activity and use properly, the effectiveness rate can reach 98%! Not dependent on the brand. You can find various condom brands on our site.

But for most people who do not wear properly, or do not always use condoms when having sex, the effectiveness rate is about 82%. Always check the expiration date, do not use expired condoms. Expired condoms will be easily damaged. In addition, the material that works to kill sperm will lose its function. This can increase the risk of pregnancy. It should also be known that expired condoms can no longer prevent the mixing of fluids from both men and women during sexual intercourse. Well, this can increase the risk of contracting a venereal disease, although, in reality, couples use condoms during sex.

Condoms will only be truly effective in preventing both possibilities only if used correctly and correctly. Always use a condom when going to sexual activity to reduce the risk of unplanned pregnancy or to prevent venereal disease, and do not use two condoms at once. Not just men who need to know how to use the right condom, ladies also need to know. This can be part of foreplay as well. Well, most importantly, always check the expiration date of condoms, do not use if condoms have expired because it will reduce the function of condoms. When going to unpack the condom, do not tear it with nails, teeth, or other sharp objects, as this can tear the condom. Push the condom to the end of the wrapper so that when you tear the wrapper around with your finger, it does not break apart.

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