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Know Some Of The Excessive Impact Of Testosterone Hormone On Your Body

Know Some Of The Excessive Impact Of Testosterone Hormone On Your Body

As a hormone that is needed by man, testosterone hormone is a hormone that is always maintained because it will affect many things in a man’s body. For that, many men who end up taking herbs to boost testosterone naturally. With the right herbs, then the hormone increase is no longer a dream for many men.

However, unfortunately, many consider that the excess hormone is a good thing, but behind the good hormone, there are many impacts happen if the hormone is at the levels that very much. Instead, being a good thing, it will affect the health of men if they have excessive levels of testosterone.

Some of the effects of the excessive hormone are,

1. Oily and spotty skin
In fact, the excess of the hormone testosterone can cause the skin to become oily and acne. This is due to the increased levels of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) associated with the excess of the hormone testosterone itself. High testosterone levels, will increase the production of sebum oil, a viscous substance that can clog pores on the face. Well, if the pores closed, the bacteria will accumulate on the skin and cause inflammation, or commonly called acne.

2. Hair loss
hair loss will happen to the men who has excess hormone testosterone in his body and this will disturb your appearance. Generally, the symptoms of this hair loss will start from the part of the scalp node, then will continue to fall out what the hair part of the temple and will continue the whole.

 3. Excess red blood cells and hemoglobin
If your body has excess testosterone in the body, one effect is the increase in red blood cell levels and hemoglobin levels in the body. In older men, an increase in red blood cells can lead to heart attacks and strokes.

Increased red blood cells in the blood, due to the excess of the hormone testosterone, can be reduced by lowering the dose of a testosterone replacement, or blood donor. Usually aims to lower blood cell levels in the body.

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