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It’s Risky To Dispose Of Engine Oil Using Air Compressor

Do you often change your engine oil in the garage? If so, maybe you have experienced when you are changing engine oil, surely the engine oil hole is sprayed with compressor air. What do you think, if what you do is very dangerous for your motorbike engine? We first analyze the habits of motorbike users when changing the oil in the workshop in this way. they seem not to care about this method, the important thing is to change the oil regularly every month, the normal engine has no problems. it doesn’t matter as long as the motorbike you are driving is not a problem when it runs out of oil changes. However, it turns out that it can be dangerous. The intention is to change the oil so that the motorbike engine does not get damaged quickly, even more, damaged. So this is why, when you change the engine oil when you remove the oil, you don’t HAVE to be sprayed using an air compressor? Meanwhile, if you need an excellent air compressor for the garage, you can visit immediately.

The problem is not with the wind but with the compressor. It’s because the compressor tube is not spared from the name dew. Therefore, instead of throwing away engine oil to make it fast, instead of adding water to the engine. The point is up to you when you are going to change the oil in any workshop, because it is your right, as long as you feel comfortable in such ways it doesn’t matter either. The point is that you want to use any method, the important thing is that your motorbike must be well cared for, during the rainy season, don’t forget to wash your motorbike so it doesn’t get too dirty.

That’s it for the info regarding air compressor that must not be used recklessly when you change your vehicle’s oil. Despite its short info, we hope it’s useful for you so you can change your vehicle’s oil carefully.

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