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It’s Important To Make A Fire And Build A Shelter When Surviving In The Forest

Making a fire is the first thing to pay attention to, as it will help keep warm and protect yourself from dangerous animals. If there is no fit in hand, then you are lucky if the weather is dry. When it’s raining or snowing outside, you don’t have to waste time building a camp, it won’t help your survival in any way. However, you can improve your survival chance by keeping yourself warm with a fire. It can also be an easier process if you have the right gear to help you build a fire, and you can Find Out More about it on a trusted store.

The main ways to make a bonfire without matches:

– Sparks carved with stone. For this, two stones, certainly hard ones, will need to be rubbed against each other over a dry needle, downward, or another axis.
– Using pieces of wood scraping. (For example, sticks of beech and pine);
– A somewhat dubious method of lens burning. That is, it is possible to light a fire with a lens even very simply – collect sunlight in a stack and focus, but it is unlikely that this method will be available to you – if only you wore glasses. Surviving teachers are advised to make lenses out of the water and clear bags or plastic bottles. However, you are unlikely to have a bottle, and the method with the pack is, in my opinion, a great chance of losing any leftover water (if you have one).
When using one of the options, there must be a tinder (hay, feathers, needles, wood shavings, or birch bark) that can burn from a single splash.

Once you have a fire, when the weather is bad or you have to spend the night in the forest, it makes sense to build a temporary shelter. The simplest shelter is easy to make from felled logs, but it is desirable that it be at an angle to the surface. On it should be put a stake, and on top of it spruce (they can also be put on the ground so that you can sleep well). Don’t bother with architecture – you are engaged in survival in the forest and do not participate in competitions for the best hut.

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