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In T-Shirt Design Simplicity Is Key

With so many industries in clothing sometimes finding the best t-shirt for you could be troublesome. Why not create one with the help of a shirt design creator? Although some design concepts require you to make details that are crowded but keep the impression of “excessive” in the design that you make. As much as possible make a design with a simple but elegant and classy style. Abstract or symmetrical design themes can also be an attractive choice if you want to show a design that is so simple but still elegant. Besides, the design with a small size also seems to be more impressed with simple colors even though it is crowded.

When you design t-shirts for sale, one sentence you need to remember well is “adjust the people’s tastes and don’t make

Free T-Shirt Mockup PSD by Anthony Boyd Graphics

your tastes important”. Many people, of course, each have different tastes. But in this case, people’s tastes will be divided into several large groups. Like people with plain shirt tastes, groups of people with small screen printing tastes / simple and groups of people with tastes of screen printing t-shirts. As a designer and producer, of course, you need to meet the needs of each of these groups. So, to make your product more in demand make sure you don’t only produce shirts with just one theme.

One more important thing that you need to pay attention to when designing the t-shirt that you want to print or produce, namely the position and size of the screen. As has been mentioned repeatedly above, you must be able to create a simple but elegant design. Now to make this simple impression, screen printing size that is not too large can be the best solution. In addition to giving a more proportional impression of the screen printing design, make sure you position the screen correctly. You can also make several screens that are positioned separately, such as on the front and back of the shirt. So be as creative as possible to create a super unique design.

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