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The Most Important thing in building an Intimate Relationship with God

The Most Important thing in building an Intimate Relationship with God

For us to start an intimate hub with someone must be based on a sense of love or love. Like a pair of lovers who love each other then arise the desire to be able to understand each other in order to become more intimate. Love is very real and can be felt and is a personal experience. Similarly, loving God, we must realize that God is real. Therefore make yourself as close as possible to God in order to live your life peacefully. Here’s how you can do it!

1. Faith (Have Faith in God)
But without faith, everything was becoming nothing for people to please God. For whosoever turneth unto God, he had to trust that god is real. By faith, we learn about God’s standard. The responsibility that God gives cannot be done by our own power if God does not help us Then we will fail.

2. Change (Change your mind)
Most of us want God to reveal His power in our lives, but we are not interested in making changes in our lives. Whenever God gives a duty or promises to someone, He needs to Change the person, that is changing his life according to the purpose and will of God.
After a new change, God performs His will in that person’s life. We must be able to change our way of looking at God and towards ourselves. We should be able to trust God more than anything else. More than we trust anyone in this world, including ourselves. God knows us better than your parents know you, God knows you better than you know yourself.

3. Obedience (Radical Obedience)
Obedience is the visible outward sign that we love God and the reward of obedience is the love of God that we can feel and experience that is the intimate relationship with God.

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