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How To Prevent Dog Attack

How To Prevent Dog Attack

Dogs are included in the group of wild animals. Although several types of dogs become pets, dogs are still dangerous. Dogs can suddenly bite without we can predict. The bites could also lead to serious injury and that is why you need to get a dog bite attorney in Los Angeles so the owner of the dog could give compensation for the injury and loses you endure because of the attack.

However, it is better to prevent such things from happening again in the future, so here are how to keep yourself safe and prevent dog bites. Do not panic. When meeting a dog try to be as calm as possible. That’s because dogs or other animals can feel human fear. The initial action when you meet a growling and barking dog is to be calm and relaxed. Take a deep breath and exhale. Act as if the dog won’t pounce on you. If you scream or run, the waves on your hands will trigger dog instincts. This animal will then feel provoked to attack you. If when you are jogging and suddenly meet a dog, you should slow down and then walk slowly. The next step is to turn and walk in the opposite direction with the dog. While walking, keep an eye on the dog with the corner of your eye. One more thing, the position of the arm when walking should stay stretched straight beside the right and left sides. Thus, dogs have no appetite to chase you and let you go.

Making direct eye contact with dogs can intensify the dog’s aggressive behavior. Because looking into a dog’s eyes turns out to be interpreted as a threat by dogs and causes aggressive behavior by attacking you. If you meet a dog, you should still observe with the corner of the eye but avoid looking into his eyes. By not looking into a dog’s eyes, the dog will consider you not a threat and then leave. Direct eye contact can intensify the dog’s aggressive behavior. Looking at a dog in the eye can be interpreted as a threat by dogs and is a reason to attack.

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