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How To Make A Fur Rug From Yarn

There is no material that can beat the comfort of a thick fur rug in warming your feet while stepping along the living room or bedroom area. Compared to other types of carpet, carpet made of fur is superior in terms of warmth and comfort at the feet of every occupant of the house. And with a variety of fur carpet motifs offered on the market, you have many choices to decorate the floor in one of these warm carpeted rooms. Care for carpet rugs or other rugs that you have at home, give to best carpet cleaner machine that can clean properly without damaging the material from the carpet itself.

For those of you who want to have a unique touch in a room with a carpet from feathers, you can make it yourself with these easy anti-fail tricks, and it is guaranteed that your carpet will immediately become the center of attention of guests visiting your home. All you have to do is prepare the following materials and equipment:

• Yarn, you can use wool yarn, knitting yarn or any type of yarn to make the carpet
• Scissor
• Fabric, for the carpet base you can use any type of fabric. But if you want anti-slip carpet, use anti-slippery cloth. Also, choose the same fabric color as the yarn you will be using
• Sewing machine or fabric glue
• Wire brush

How to make:
1. The next step is to make fiber from yarn. Spread the yarn on the base with a flat surface. Adjust the length of the yarn to the thickness of your carpet.
2. Bring together several strands of yarn by tying them using thread or sewing machine. Use a wire brush to create a texture on the yarn.
3. Make a yarn bundle according to how big the carpet you want.
4. Cut the fabric according to the size needed to make a fur rug.
5. Sew or glue each bundle of yarn on the top of the fabric in sequence with tight spacing. Continue until the first row is finished.
6. For the next row, fold the first row of yarn bundles up and prop up with a book or other heavy object so as not to interfere with your work of sticking the yarn bundle in the second and subsequent rows. Do it until the entire surface of the carpet covered with yarn.
7. If the entire surface of the fabric has been covered with yarn, trim the surface and see if there is a thread that is not perfectly attached to the fabric.
8. So, be a soft fur carpet to give a touch of warmth in your room.

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