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How to choose a good tent for promotional events

How to choose a good tent for promotional events

The first thing to consider in buying/finding a tent is a brand/brand. Can not be denied that the brand has a great meaning associated with quality. Big brands usually already have reliable research teams and testers for their products so a bit more of their products we can rely on. Meanwhile, you may also need to check out the recommended Inflatable tents and marques for your next exhibitions and events.

Aside from the design, here are the tips that you can try to choose a fine tent for a promotional event.


Adjust the tent purchased with the needs and budget owned, generally tents with good quality has a fairly expensive price.

Tent Materials

Choose a tent with material from nylon. Cotton tents are only suitable for events in the lowlands. If it’s forced on the area with high altitude, it would not work optimally.

Flysheet / Layer

Tents for outdoor events should have flysheets or inner tent protectors from the rain. Choose a Mountain Tent that has double layer because in general tent with double layer better than a single layer. The size of the flysheet should be slightly larger than the size of the tent, so it can wrap the whole tent to the ground. The distance of the flysheet with the tent is one inch and avoid false installation by just placing it. Because if there is rain, then the wet flysheet will actually make water seep into the tent.

Rope Fasteners / Guylines

Tents for areas with high altitude area are always equipped with fastening ropes. Its function is to hold the tent when hit by strong winds or rushed heavy rain. These ropes also have the function of preventing frames/frame tents not broken.


Some tents provide door closures that can be pulled upwards into a terrace or vestibule. The terrace of this tent has a function to store luggage, but it can also be used for the display area outside the tent. Generally, tents with a capacity above 4 people have a terrace although some brands made with the capacity of 2 people and it also has a terrace.

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