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It’s not as complicated as selling a property. Renting is relatively easy, but if it is not careful in the process of renting the property also has many risks that can harm. By paying attention to some of the following we can avoid things that we do not want. In the meantime, you might visit to get the best service for your property investment.

1. Preparing Ourself and Our Responsibility

Renting a property is different from selling. Selling means we divert all the responsibilities we have to the people who have bought, so overall our property has shifted to others.

While renting we will remain the full responsibility of the property we have. Such as building taxes, building conditions and other physical things. So that required preparedness and arrangement or good financial planning and sense of responsibility that we become a good tenant.

2. Property Maintenance

Before deciding to rent out our property, it’s good we pay attention to the physical condition of our property. What people often do is fix properties when there are tenants already. For the reason, they will take the leasing budget to fix it.

This is not wrong but also a little less effective, how much we need to spend for improvements so that the funds we receive cannot be maximally used for future planning. However, if we do the maintenance periodically then the revamping of the property that we will rent will be relatively smaller.

3. Know the Rent Value

Know the value of rental property prices so that we do not get a low price below the market price. Each area and type of property will greatly affect the rental price, so do some small research on the area where our property is. You can find out the rental rates through internet pages that provide lots of information on buying and selling as well as rent. Or can also consult your friends or colleagues who know more about the property.

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