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Home Owners Must Know How To Clean Dull Granite Tiles

Home Owners Must Know How To Clean Dull Granite Tiles

It’s like how to clean ceramics, natural granite also needs to be routinely taped. You need to know how to mop the correct granite tile so that it does not erode the polish or leave the spots due to liquid seeping into the granite pores. On the other hand, if you need experts to clean your granite tiles effectively, you may need to call the best local carpet cleaning companies.

Here’s how to clean granite tiles:

Do the packing regularly, every day or every other day, so that dust and dirt do not have time to accumulate on the tile.

Use the recommended cleaning fluid for granite tiles. If you use another tile cleaner, try first in a small, hidden area to ensure the reaction.

Wet enough mop to avoid leaving a puddle of water on the tile.

Immediately replace the water to mop when the water is cloudy.

If the tile is already dull, consider re-polishing it to restore the tile shine. We recommend using professional polish services for the best results.

Not only how to mop the granite tile, but the mop also needs to be chosen carefully. Basically, you can use any type of mop, both manual and automatic. However, you should pay attention to the following factors:

Choose a mop with a soft cloth – on the market, there is also a mop with a microfiber cloth that you can choose from.

Choose a mop with a cloth that is easy to clean or replace if the cloth has been damaged or has stubborn dirt attached.

Make sure the stick on the tile surface is only the lap part of the mop, not the lap mop clamp.

How to clean the black granite tile is more or less the same as the method above but requires more caution because the scratches can be more clearly visible on the black granite tile.

Given the investment in granite tiles that are not small, you should not ignore the maintenance. If necessary, always provide maintenance support such as cleaning fluid to be ready for use at any time. Prevent scratches by placing rubber shoes or pedestal for tapered furniture legs. Prevention and care make your investment, not in vain.

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