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General Conflict In Marriage

General Conflict In Marriage

The decision to attend marriage & family therapists requires mutual consciousness and the intention to re-establish relationships. Consequently, in order for the therapy to succeed, each individual must be willing and able to accept changes to the couple needed to achieve the conditions of mutual acceptance and understanding of each other. Understanding that both husband and wife have individualized wishes and expectations becomes an important starting point for realizing mutual respect. A healthy marriage, however, requires an attitude of honesty, trust, respect, and equalization.

Marriage counseling is intended to facilitate couples to be able to build communication and the ability to mutually empower as a couple. The hope, someday couples can solve problems that reappear in marriage. The therapies and methods gained by married couples from counseling are to help each individual to develop interaction patterns that are mutually constructive. Through communication and attitudes that appreciate each other, husbands and wives can grow in stronger intimacy and healthier marriages.
Some common types of conflicts are:

1. Conflict due to misunderstanding
2. Conflict due to the difference in personality type
3. Conflict because of ego
4. Conflict because it is unable to build a healthy communication bridge
5. Conflict due to different ways of looking at problems
6. Conflicts due to different perceptions of issues of personal integrity, honesty,
7. Conflict due to inability to build intimacy
8. Conflict due to large family intervention
9. Conflict due to background and growth period is much different
10. Conflicts due to a third party.

Not always the household you are coaching with a sweet running partner. There must be little pebbles present in your marriage. Actually, the presence of problems in the household is a natural thing, but that is not fair when it happens prolonged even become more severe. If the condition has happened to your household, the word divorce can be easily ejected from your mouth or partner. But you can still save your household by following marriage counseling.

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