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Four Things About Search Engines That You Need To Know Before Using SEO

Four Things About Search Engines That You Need To Know Before Using SEO

For some people, usually internet marketing or commonly called and widely used SEO is a very important thing to have because it is one of the easiest ways to get their business known to many people. One of the services that SEO uses today is a lawyer. SEO Singapore expert is one of the expert SEO that is handling the problem.

If using SEO, the website you have will be on the first page of search engines. There are some facts about the search engine that you also know before using SEO. Some of these facts are

1. Search engine traffic for online shopping sites is getting bigger
Traffic can come from a variety of sources, 10x online shopping searches more traffic to shopping sites derived from social media. Perhaps this is because online shopping sites take advantage of social media advertising rather than using SEO services to optimize their sales.

2. The total number of search engine users continues to grow in mobile and on the desktop
US search engine users are estimated to be 213.6 million and this amount will increase in a few years ahead.

3. Search using mobile becomes important for local business and startup
When people search for something that is near them, 88% of them do it with a mobile device. They use local mobile search, so mobile search for local businesses grows by 2016 by 146% from a year earlier.

4. Speedy or loading a website is very important
Delaying speed in loading time on a web page can result in a loss of 7% of conversions that can be obtained. It is important to note and underlined that 40% of Internet users will leave the page being opened if the loading time is more than 3 minutes.

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