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Food That Affects Oral Health

Food That Affects Oral Health

Our teeth are the main tool, which is used to chew food before it enters the digestive system in the body. Maintaining healthy teeth and mouth is not enough just to brush your teeth twice a day. You also have to pay attention to the food or drinks you consume, to get maximum dental health. Healthy teeth are white, faded teeth, and also odorless breath. There are some foods that you often consume every day can make your teeth perforated. You must avoid the following foods to maintain oral health. If you can’t avoid these foods or drinks, you should limit your consumption. Follow the advice of the dentist at so that you get healthy teeth. To get healthy teeth must also be followed by a good diet, of course.

The first one that many people like but could risk oral health is sour candy. You like this food, candy is a snack that has a sweet taste. Now that sweet taste is the source of your tooth decay. In addition to sweets with a sweet taste, there are also sour candies that can make your teeth damaged. The high acid content in sweets can damage your teeth. According to studies of candy with acid content is faster to make teeth damaged, compared with sweet candy. Another sour food that could damage teeth is pickles. This complimentary food on this one has a very vinegary taste. This is indeed very helpful to increase your appetite while eating food. But if you consume too much will cause your teeth more easily damaged.

The fruit is indeed a healthy food and filled with vitamins and nutrients that are good for the body. But dry fruit is made by sucking out the moisture and leaving you a sticky fruit product consisting of concentrated sugar can stick to your teeth. Also, some dried fruits, such as dried mango and dried cranberries often add extra sugar to add to the enjoyment. Eat just enough dried fruit and brush your teeth after consuming them.

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