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Food That is Rich in Magnesium

Food That is Rich in Magnesium

Few people realize that magnesium plays a huge role for health. Magnesium is an important mineral that is involved in at least 300 kinds of chemical reactions in the body and helps in keeping the muscles and nerves functioning normally, maintaining the immune system, keeping the heart rhythm, and keeping the bones strong.

Magnesium deficiency can cause muscle spasms, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety disorders, migraines, and osteoporosis. Conversely, consuming too much magnesium can actually cause diarrhea because the body will try to remove excess minerals in the body. For adult men, it is recommended to meet the needs of magnesium as much as 400 mg per day. While adult women require magnesium intake as much as 310 mg per day. The recommended amount of intake varies for every age group, from toddler to old age.

In a study conducted at Harvard University found that consuming magnesium in recommended amounts could reduce the risk of diabetes by 33 percent. Although there are currently many magnesium supplements available, the researchers recommend getting the amount of magnesium the body needs naturally, ie from the food consumed. Here’s a diet rich in magnesium that you can add to your daily diet list:

– Chocolate
Besides delicious, chocolate is also good for health. Chocolate is a magnesium-rich food with 64 mg magnesium content in every 28 grams of chocolate. Chocolate is also rich in iron, copper, and manganese, and contains prebiotic fiber which is the main food of bacteria-both in the gut.

– Avocado
Avocado is a nutritious fruit and also a high source of magnesium. In a medium-sized avocado contains 58 mg of magnesium. Avocado is also rich in potassium, Vitamin B, and Vitamin K. Unlike most fruits, avocados contain very high fats-especially unsaturated single fats that are very good for heart health.

– Nuts
Nuts such as almonds, cashews, and Brazil nuts are a type of bean that is very rich in magnesium compared to other types of nuts. In 28 grams of cashew nuts, there is 82 mg of magnesium.

– You know
In 100 grams of tofu contains 53 grams of magnesium and 10 grams of protein, and contains 10% calcium, iron, manganese, and selenium. Research also shows that by consuming tofu can protect cells that line the arteries and reduce the risk of stomach cancer.

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