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Follow How To Clean This Carpet!

Of course, it is very troublesome to clean it. Especially for a wide and thick carpet that makes it difficult for you to wash it. Especially if the material is made of quality materials such as cotton, wool, silk, or animal skin. If you are not careful about carpet cleaning, it is not clean, but your favorite carpet can be damaged due to the wrong care.

For that, here’s how to clean the right carpet that you can imitate at home:

Vacuum the carpet
To clean a dusty carpet use a vacuum cleaner. Do not rush to move the spot with this vacuum cleaner. Even though you have set a high power vacuum, sometimes the dust that sticks is difficult to be sucked into the machine just like that. If there is a lot of dust that has accumulated, you can clean it with a broom first then clean it the second time with a vacuum cleaner. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner then use a broomstick to clean dry dirt.

Use This Material For Dry Stains
If the stain on the carpet is an easy-to-dry stain, such as wax or candy, then use ice cubes. Put a few ice cubes on the plastic then place it on the hardened stain. After that, remove the stain then wet the cloth with soapy water to remove the remaining stain.

Put the doormat
If you want your carpet to be protected from dirt and always clean, then install a doormat. The function of this mat can be to filter the dirt of the residents on their feet before stepping on the carpet. Put the mat in the room with the carpet. Don’t forget to put the mat in the corner of the room, for example, the bathroom, kitchen, prayer room, or family room.

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