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Facts You Need To Know About Website Speed to Increase Visitors Traffic!

Facts You Need To Know About Website Speed to Increase Visitors Traffic!

The biggest challenge faced by a newbie in terms of online business is how to have an interesting website that can increase visitor traffic. No doubt, no matter what business you are in, increasing traffic remains the first focus.

Did you know that some people out there want their website traffic is high but has a problem ie the website is really slow? If something like this happens of course ads or SEO that has been done before become less than optimal. Therefore, it would be better before you decide to create a webiste then you notice in advance the web hosting that you rent, whether they servidores dedicados or not. Apart from that, here are some amazing facts we need to know together about the speed of the website!

1. A total of 7 out of 10 say they want to increase traffic after their website is finished!
Wow!! Actually this is fine. Because the main purpose of website creation is to make people know more about the product or service.

2. Not a few website owners who underestimate when loading the website more than 3 seconds, but because it is 40% of website visitors will leave the website immediately!
Astonishing? Of course. When you do not prepare well for the speed of your website, it will be immersed in the tightness of online competition. Who has a quality website will certainly be able to face the rigors of this online competition.

3. Websites that the loading is longer every 1 second can reduce customer satisfaction up to 16%.
Every businessperson certainly does not want this to happen. It is because with high customer satisfaction then customers can continue to subscribe with us.

4. In addition, the website that loading in every 1 second can reduce revenue up to 25%.
It had fallen on the stairs. This is the best way to describe it.

5. Did you know that 66% of website owners need SEO optimization?
True, with the right SEO then the website can go to the first page of Google. So the greater the chances of visitors out there know about our website. The slower the website loading the less effective the SEO has done before.

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