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Electroforesis: Electrical Process SEparating Charged Particle

Electroforesis: Electrical Process SEparating Charged Particle

Electroforesis is a kind of the electrical process separating the particles charged in the fluid. It is using the charge of the electrical field. Actually, this is the most used thing in life science in order to separate the molecules of protein or DNA. It is also achieved through some different procedures. The procedure depends on its size and type of molecules.

How Does Electroforesis Basically Work?
After understanding the electroforesis, what do you think of how it works? This will work by applying the electric field to the molecules. When the electrical charged, it will make the force acting. A greate charge will make greater force. It is done by implementing the field of electrical. Thus, the support medium of the molecules can move to the mass relatively.

We can see the action on the application of this electrophoresis in the analysis of the DNA and also RNA. is done for the medical procedures that are used for analyzing and separating the molecules that are found in the fluid sample. Commonly, the samples are urine and blood.

In this case, we may also know about the function of gel electrophoresis. The gel electrophoresis is also a technique that is generally used in the lab to separate the DNA, RNA, and also protein. It is done according to the size.

This electrophoresis will make you able to differentiate the DNA fragments at different lengths. Actually, DNA is charged negatively. Therefore, DNA would migrate to the positive electrode charged. The sorter DNA strand will move quickly through its gel.

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