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Effective tricks for increasing visitor traffic on WordPress sites

Effective tricks for increasing visitor traffic on WordPress sites

How to increase your WordPress website visitors can start from organizing every structure of your post correctly. You can use the free SEO Yoast plugin available for free. Meanwhile, you can also try to hire the trusted SEO Agency if you want the faster and the more promising increase of traffic on your website.

Why Yoast? The SEO Yoast plugin not only helps you add meta descriptions only. This plugin has many features to help organize your SEO structure. Some of them are robot meta configurations, showing snippet previews, RSS, XML, to .htaccess and robots.txt editor configurations.

In addition, you can try to create External and Internal Linking

Internal linking helps improve your website SEO score. Try to do internal linking to other pages within your website and make the visitors enjoy the flow of content you have. This will reduce the bounce rate and make it easier for visitors to view other pages according to the information they are looking for.

If your website is new and does not have a lot of content, you can take advantage of links to other blogs or websites that support the information on your website. This method is called External Linking.

Of course, we strongly recommend that you only use trusted blog/website references. Why be trusted? Google prefers information-rich websites and does not mislead users. So, the more reliable the information on your website, the better the performance will be.

Furthermore, do not forget to Improve Website Access Speed

Speed is an aspect that can significantly affect the position of your website in search engines. Imagine if your website comes with loading long enough. Most likely, visitors will soon leave your website unceremoniously.

This is certainly a bad impact on the conversion and reputation of your website. Let alone increase the number of customers, visitors who just look around can run away and even go to another website.

There are many ways you can do, such as updating the WordPress version, removing useless plugins, optimizing the database, to choosing the right theme.

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