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Easy Steps to Prevent Acne Relapse

Easy Steps to Prevent Acne Relapse

Acne is a stubborn problem for many people. In addition to illness, acne is also disturbing appearance and not confidence. Quiet. There are many ways you can do every day to prevent acne. Find out more in this article. You can also visit our website and find out more about cyst popping.

1. Diligent face wash
Wash your face twice daily every day, every morning and night before bedtime, is the most important step to prevent acne. Do not forget to clean your face from makeup, sweat, and street dust by using cleaning toner. Notice, make sure the face wash soap you use in accordance with your skin type. For example, if your face is oily, use gel soap or foam soap, while if your skin is dry use that type of cream or lotion. Diligently washing your face with the right cleanser can be your basic step to prevent acne coming.

2. Use sunscreen every day
One of the important facial treatments to prevent acne is to use sunscreen or sunscreen Because the sun can cause serious impact if directly hit the skin. Then, if you have just exfoliated the skin as a step to prevent acne on top, you must use sunscreen lotion.

3. Do not touch your face often
Who likes touching face? Yes, this habit is unwittingly very prone to cause acne. The reason, in the hands there are bacteria and dirt that can clog the pores in the skin. Often bacteria can move to the skin and eventually cause acne. So you should avoid as much as possible to hold the face without washing hands before.

4. Keep a healthy eating intake
Maintaining a diet is very important for skin health. The reason, people who eat foods with high glycemic index are more often exposed to acne than those who do not. Examples of foods or beverages with high glycemic index are chips, baked goods that use white flour, and soft drinks. These foods and drinks tend to be less nutritious but can increase blood sugar quickly. It’s good to start eating foods such as vegetables, fruits, and steamed or boiled foods. Do not forget also enough intake of your body fluids to keep every organ of the body still work well.

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