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Easy Heart Disease Self Checks You Should Know

Easy Heart Disease Self Checks You Should Know

Heart disease is a condition of pain in the chest, which radiates to the shoulder or neck, shortness breath and also cold sweat. Even though not all the sufferers feel the symptoms at all, but recognizing the characteristic of heart disease is a good choice. It is important because you can get the right treatment to heal your problem. To know whether you suffer this condition or not, you have to do a heart disease self checks first. Here is you can just check the information below.

Heart Disease Self Checks

Heart disease can be so fatal if it is not immediately treated. It can be the early steps of suffering another disease such as coronary heart disease, heart attack and also heart failure. You can see the symptoms by doing heart disease self checks first and doing the consultation to a cardiologist.

The symptoms of heart disease, especially in heart attack is usually last for 30 minutes. It doesn’t even disappear though you have taken the regular pain medication as they advise. It can appear from mild to the severe intensity or even doesn’t show any symptoms. The characteristics of a heart attack are including pain or feeling like being pressed on the chest, under the ribs, and arms. Then, you will also sweat, getting dizzy and hard to breathe. It will happen for both men and women. So, you have to differentiate that kind of symptoms rightly.

That’s all the information about an easy heart disease self checks you should know. If you have some of those risk factors, you have to do a healthy lifestyle and also get a consultation with a doctor to conduct health check-ups routinely and consistently. Hope it will be useful information for you who needed it. Let’s get a happy and healthy life as always.

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