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Don’t underestimate the use of coins

Don’t underestimate the use of coins

In supermarkets, coin money usually likes to be exchanged for a candy and is immediately approved by the buyer. Though small any value of money, it is still money that when collected will have a certain value and can be spent. Well, for you who have been looking at a little “trivial” on the money broken pieces of metal, you better know that coins also have the power that you have not imagined. Aside from that, the coins today are also can be used in unique ways like the custom challenge coins.

Learning Tools Saving

Still, remember when you were little and taught to save by parents? Usually, you will save money coins into a piggy bank of plastic, cans or from pottery. You will be very proud when the piggy bank becomes heavy and very happy when the piggy bank is solved and you can count the number of coins in the piggy bank.

Coins are a means for you to learn to save and appreciate the smallest value of money.

A Fixed Payment Tool

Do not think your coins are worthless. Many still need coins. For example supermarkets and supermarkets. They will be glad if you want to exchange your metal shards to them because it will help them to give the right change to the buyer.

We also advise to always carry coins in the wallet and give money when paying something. Guaranteed you will not get candy in exchange for your coins. Remember candy and coins are different things. So you do not get a change of candy, you can also use a credit card to make your payment at the supermarket.

Coins are also your helpers when you have to pay for something or services that require a small monetary value such as parking money or parking for a fork at the fork.

Tool of solidarity

Coins can be used to show solidarity with others. There are some cases where people tend to utilize coins to gain sympathy for those who need the help from the society. By using coins, people will think that it’s easy to help them, especially if they just need to throw a coin or two into a donation box. As for the financial side, coins are usually holding the small amount of money, which is easier for people to let go of donation.

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