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Decorating a Room for a Baby Shower

Apart from indoors where the party will be held, you should also consider decorating the outdoor area of the house (or restaurant, if possible) using decoration from bumblebee decorations to mark the location of the baby shower event for guests and get the party atmosphere from the moment you arrive at the venue. Make a sign that tells something like “Baby Shower in This Direction!”, “Ashley Baby Shower” or even just a sign “This Is a Boy / Girl!”.

Put lots of helium balloons in various colors (adjusting to your party’s theme) around the sign, or at the entrance. Hang a banner above the entrance and the door that leads to the party. You can make a banner that you want with the name of the expectant mother (or baby, if the expectant mother has chosen her name) in the gift shop around you. To get a choice of attractive decorations, you can visit us.

In addition to the party entrance, you will need two things, a baby shower guest book and a table for gifts. The event guest book (which can be bought in a special store) is important for the party. In it, each guest can write down their best wishes for their mother and baby, along with hints of parenting or funny anecdotes about their personal experiences as mothers.

Put the guest book with a few pens, on a small table near the entrance. Leave the book page open so that guests can easily see what the book is for (or maybe make a small sign to explain). Cover the table with a nice tablecloth and decorate it with baby shower confetti, flower vases, hanging candles, some baby toys or anything that matches the theme of the party.

You will also need a larger, separate table where guests can place their gifts when entering the room. You can decorate the table as you wish, as long as the decoration still provides enough space to place the gift. As an alternative to the gift table, you can put a crib or baby stroller next to the door so guests can put their gifts. Cribs or strollers can be borrowed from someone, or become a gift for expectant mothers.

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