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Crash Recorder Feature And Image Quality Are Essential Elements Of Dashcams

When you want to buy a dashcam, make sure that it has basic features such as continuous loop, emergency recording, and G-Force sensor. A continuous loop is a process of deleting the initial recording if the storage memory on the Car Dashboard Camera is full so that there is enough memory to store the most recent recording. The emergency recording is the recording process on the Car Dashboard Camera which starts recording when something emergency happens. This emergency is triggered by the active G-force sensor dashboard camera reviews. An example is when there is a sudden collision or braking. If you want to buy dashcams with such an important feature, we suggest you read dash cam reviews first before you buy.

Then, the image quality is an important aspect in assessing the Car Dashboard Camera. With good quality, you can view images remotely through the camera with detail and without shake. The image quality is represented by the image resolution and the ability to capture images or frames per second (FPS). Images with a resolution of 720p are good enough, but currently, Car Dashboard Camera with 1080p image quality is starting to be easily found on the market. For the record, the difference in image quality between 1080p and 720p is quite large and significant. It is recommended to choose a Car Dashboard Camera with a resolution of 1080p and a minimum of 30FPS. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the width of the viewing angle that can be done by the Car Dashboard Camera. The greater the viewing angle value that can be provided by the Car Dashboard Camera, the better because of the wider area is covered by the Car Dashboard Camera.

Image quality when driving at night also needs to be considered. The car Dashboard Camera will record all the time you drive. Day and night, dark or light. You need to pay attention that usually the camera cannot record images equally well when it is bright or dark, because of the difference in light intensity received by the camera. Therefore, a camera equipped with a High Dynamic Range is needed that can clarify image details in low light conditions.

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