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Comma Factor And How To Handle It

Comma Factor And How To Handle It

Accidents in the head can make someone lose consciousness or the worst thing is to die. However, the head wound can also cause a person to be in a coma, so it is not conscious for a long time. Sometimes, a family will look for someone close to God and make an urgent prayer request to ask for healing discover more here.

Several factors can be triggered to cause someone to be in a coma position, namely:
• Stroke
• There are severe injuries to the head
• Diabetes
• There are brain infections such as meningitis and encephalitis
• The existence of carbon monoxide gas poisoning
• Lack of oxygen
• Seizures throughout the body
• There are problems with the liver such as liver function failure or hepatic coma

Primary Diagnosis and Treatment
In patients who are in a coma, generally, patients will be treated specifically in the ICU room where the patient will be examined in-depth every day.

Doctors and hospital medical teams will usually draw the patient’s blood every day, examine the patient’s body as a whole starting from the pupils of the eye, the patient’s reflexes to pain, breathing patterns in the patient, the patient’s urine, MRI, CT Scan and so on.

Besides, patients who are in a coma position will also still be given food through the way of feeding in the form of liquid in the form of infusion.

Besides, the team of doctors will also ask about the patient’s family history of the disease and what medicines the patient is taking or have ever taken.

This is all very important to be able to know exactly what the underlying disease is in a coma. After examinations and various studies, generally, doctors can only provide appropriate treatment to the patient so that he can regain consciousness soon.

Hopefully, this article can help you additional insight into the state of coma. Remember to continue to take care of your health by maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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