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Colorful Carnival in the World

Colorful Carnival in the World

Carnival is a parade for the feast of a great day for a nation. Carnival provides entertainment with the festive and colorful of the costumes used. as well as folk festivals that add to the festivities of the carnival. Well if you are currently planning to hold a carnival then make sure that the carnival to be held is a carnival with a unique theme and has never been held before. You can choose a balloon theme for your school or business anniversary carnival. With the balloon theme, then you can decorate your carnival with a variety of balloons, even you can also play carnival games from balloons, such as the game bouncy castles limerick. Apart from that, here are some unique carnivals in the world!

1. Carnival in Rio de Janeiro
One of Brazil’s attractions as a tourist destination is the Rio de Janeiro Carnival held in February for four to five consecutive days a year. Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is a spring celebration ritual for Thanksgiving, which is celebrated by wearing masks or / masks and costumes. Then people took to the streets by playing music and dancing. The concept of the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro was brought by the Portuguese and still carried today.

Uniquely when the carnival takes place the nobility will dress like a commoner, men will exchange clothes with women, and the commoners will dress like royalty. It aims to make the difference between the class of society to be forgotten during the carnival.

2. Mardi Gras Carnival
Carnival Mardi Gras in New Orleans became one of the tourist attractions in America. Mardi Gras carnival is enlivened by music, parades, costumes, and orgies. Since Mardi Gras is set to be a holiday in New Orleans, therefore Mardi Gras is a massive carnival in New Orleans where it is always awaited where during the carnival all activities in the city are stopped, streets are closed for cars and people, people are ready to party with the best costumes.

At this carnival, everyone can come wear a costume, or play music while joining the group or just enjoy the festive atmosphere in that day. Carnival Mardi Gras in New Orleans has been around since 1730 but still a dance and formed in 1830 and increasingly crowded after a carnival group carnival. In 1872, the festivity of this carnival coupled with the symbol of a carnival king called Rex and he appeared at the beginning of the carnival.

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