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Clean Immediately, It’s Some Hazard On Cat Feather If Affected By Your Skin

The existence of a pet at home will make the atmosphere of the house to be fun and not boring. However, care in pets should also be done so that your animals are free from various diseases and bacteria that could be contagious on you. another problem that pet owners usually feel is the fur that sticks to the various fabrics at home. then, you will need the best vacuum for pet hair and hardwood floors and carpet to remove the feathers.

One pet that has a lot of hair and could fall into the fabric of the house is a cat. There are various dangers lurking beneath the soft fur of the cat. Some of these dangers are

1. Toxoplasmosis
The disease is caused by a parasite called toxoplasma found in infected cat feces. Approximately 2 to 3 weeks after infection, the cat will remove the parasite in its feces. When the cat licks her fur, then chances are the parachute is left on the cat’s fur and can infect you.

2. Allergic reactions
Actually, it is not animal hair that can cause allergies. But the skin splinters, saliva, and urine from the animal. an allergic reaction can usually cause an allergic rhinitis that looks like flu-like symptoms. Some allergic reactions include itchy eyes, sneezing, runny nose and sinus inflammation. In fact, cat hair can cause asthma attacks in people with the disease.

3. Cat scratch disease
In cats, the disease does not cause any symptoms. Generally, the bacteria move on humans through scratches or bites, but it could also be because of their unintentional feathers about your eyes.
At the location of scratches or bites, small bumps appear within a period of 10 days.

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