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Choosing the right business card for your business

Could you go to a meeting with a new client or a potential new customer put on a grubby t-shirt and torn jeans? Absolutely not. But that’s exactly the first impression your business is likely to make if you present a cheap looking, thin business card. Productive, effective business cards look and feel competent. Their design and feel reflect the business they signify. However, providing your business card without creating a reference to the recipient greatly cuts down on the card’s effectiveness. While business cards are an introduction to your organization they’re also a way of enticing anyone to contact you on the topic you were discussing. Your business card shouldn’t only reflect what you do but also bring about future contact.

Good design is only half the battle

Good, competent design is a must but so is a great personal connection. Bonnie Ross Parker, a leading US-based networking consultant states that returning home with 30+ business cards is far less effective than having 4 or 5 that originated from really good conversations. Those cards will probably result in the recipient attempting to reconnect.

See your business card as an advertisement

A way of making your business unforgettable is to think about the card itself. Look beyond standard cards and think about various kinds of paper, textures, finishes, and weights. A lot of people will keep a business card simply because it’s various. They’re more prone to remember you when you call to follow up. They may even show your card to colleagues and friends – More free advertising for you!

Customize your business cards to several target markets

Think about printing cards targeted at people to a particular event, show or business group. Contemporary digital printing techniques mean it’s simple to print a small amount of cards cost efficiently. You are able to personalize your card to attract attendees of a sporting or entertainment event, trade show or to a particular industry sector. Needless to say, your design should stay consistent but you can change a strapline or graphic to attract your intended target market. give you a massive amount of business cards to customers throughout the UK. Our company offers a number of various card types, finishes and weights. There are recycled paper options or you can choose from our stunning luxury paper range which includes laid, linen, hammer effect and pearlescent finishes. Additionally, we provide a range of extra thick luxury business cards that come in double, triple and quadruple thick cards.

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