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How to Choose Glasses Based on Glasses Size

In addition to having a function as a visual aid, sunglasses are also powerful to support the appearance. Moreover, the current trend offers many models of glasses, ranging from health glasses, sun protection glasses (sunglasses), stylish sunglasses to anti-radiation. However, whatever type of glasses is offered, the first thing you should notice is the circular glasses around the lens. The wrong frame selection makes your appearance look bad and ‘weird’. So you do not choose wrong, you should choose a model of glasses with a frame that matches the shape of your face. Hide your round face and chubby cheeks with rectangular glasses and sharp corners. The shape of a round face is usually marked with a face that is not angled. Choose rectangular-shaped glasses with a sharp angle to reinforce the shape of your face. Keep the size is also slightly wider than the face so that your cheeks look gaunt. Avoid frames with round shape, because it will reinforce the shape of your round face and your chubby cheeks. So where can you find the best glasses? Oh, of course, you can get your best glasses at Walmart Eye Exam Cost.

No wonder if you live in America, if you go to Walmart Eye Exam Cost then you will see a lot of glasses and soft lens because this company is the largest retail company that provides optical services for you. The owner of the face of the box with a big jaw is suitable to use glasses of any shape, as long as the corner is curved. A square face is often touted as the ideal face of men. The shape that shows a firm jaw and wide cheekbones make this face look solid shape. For the proportion, the jaw is as long as the forehead. Frames with rectangular, oval, or rounded shapes with curved edges are the right choice to disguise the firm contours of the face. Try to choose a frame with a pointed angle to highlight the natural features of your box face. Size bridge is useful so that you can determine the eyeglass position comfort on your nose. For a pug-nosed kid (sorry) choose a frame with a small bridge or with a nose pad (bearing nose) that can be adjusted, so that the position of the nose pad can be adjusted seat with your nose.

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