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Choice of Door Types to Consider for Building

Choice of Door Types to Consider for Building

The door is the first component and used as an intermediary by a person when entering a building, and gives a special impression that makes a person remember the building. House with the ordinary design when given a red door, then people will remember the house as a ‘house with a red door’. After knowing how important a door, here are some choices of types of doors that can be used for a building. You can also visit our website to get cua nhua loi thep van go.

– Batten doors

This type of door is already rarely used in buildings today, but the door is very popular batten used because the design is very simple and easy to make. In general, batten door designs use several 35 mm thick vertical wooden beams, grooved and then joined together, then 3 wooden beams horizontally mounted as a booster for wooden door structures (one at the top, one in the middle, and one below). Currently, this type of door is still widely used for a new type of design.

– Door panel

Panel door is one type of door that is very often used, especially in Indonesia. Usually used in old type houses. The panel door consists of several components: wooden door frames, panel components made of particle board / MDF / blockboard / HDF. The reason why this door is widely used because of its affordable price and the flexibility of design and form. Panel doors are also quite flexible because the design of panel doors can be varied (from the shape/design/size). The panel itself can be made into glass.

– Flush doors

A flush door is the most standard wood door type, which has a plain design model. In general, the flush door construction consists of a wooden / particle board / MDF (medium density fibreboard) frame and covered with 3 mm plywood, and then given a leather finish such as wood veneer / HPL / duco paint. Flush doors tend to be light because the construction is a hollow core. Flush doors are usually installed indoors (interior), but with a little adjustment of material and finishing, flush doors can also be used as exterior doors. Now, this flush door is widely used because the price is affordable and easy to find on the market.

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