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Causes Of Spinal Pain

Most people have or often experience pain in the spine. Pain can occur in the hips, back, or neck. Usually, they immediately take medication to simply relieve the pain which is sometimes felt very great. According to a neurosurgeon, taking certain medications can indeed be a painkilling or inflammation solution that occurs. However, if the pain is so intense and recurs, it means that there are more serious problems that are not enough to be treated with pain medication. You better go to one of the chiropractic chiropractor Pittsburgh and ask them to fix a problem that is in your spine.

Getting to know a pinched nerve (HNP)
Spinal pain is pain that occurs along the spine, which starts from the base of the neck to the tailbone. Most conditions that occur are due to pressure on the spinal cord. It can be caused by spinal deformities, the presence of a mass or tumor, trauma, or degenerative diseases (aging).

Complaints of spinal pain, commonly known as pinched nerves, are caused by the narrowing of space/cavity through which a nerve or group of nerves pass. This narrowing that causes pain mostly occurs in the neck and hips.

Tissue aging in the spinal region can be in the form of aging pads between vertebrae that cause protrusion of the vertebrae or HNP (nucleus pulposus herniation). HNP is a degenerative disease in the spinal region which is the beginning of the spinal cord clamping process.

HNP symptoms that occur in the neck segment will cause pain (aches) in the neck and then to the shoulder and spread to the arms. Tingling or numbness can also occur up to the arm. Severe HNP can result in shrinking the muscles that are innervated so the power will automatically weaken. While HNP on the hip joint will cause pain in the waist that spreads to the calf and can cause weakness in both legs.

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