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Breakfast More Charges, This New Menu McD!

Breakfast More Charges, This New Menu McD!

Many of us underestimate the importance of breakfast. In fact, breakfast activities become an important ritual in the morning. Especially before we move like school, to campus or work. Many studies have shown positive results that breakfast can help concentration and brain thinking ability. Especially if the breakfast is consumed enough contains and nutritious Mcdonalds Breakfast Menu. After having tasted free breakfast Chicken Muffin McD at Breakfast Day event last March, starting this April there is two new breakfast menu.

McD had two packets of his new breakfast menu, the Golden Breakfast Wrap, and Golden Sausage Wrap! What makes these two breakfast menus so simple but contains? Never miss the Mcdonalds Breakfast Menu! First, the menu of Golden Breakfast Wrap, simple in a soft tortilla packet is from the potato cache alias Hash Brown intact tucked in there, also close to pieces of crunchy chicken and a typical special omelet McD. Not forgetting there is a yellow cheese that melts in the tortilla. The second menu, Golden Sausage Wrap makes breakfast this time so solid. In addition, there is Hash Brown, which distinguishes this breakfast menu is Chicken Sausage. This sausage is not like a typical sausage form.

Chicken sausage shaped like a ham tucked in an omelet and cheese in a tortilla wrap. To get one or both of these menus, you should arrive on time because this menu includes LTO (Limited Time Offer) which is sold for a limited time. The sales period has been in existence since the end of March until the end of this April! As for a complete breakfast with the addition of the hot or coffee, you should choose a combo package in which for Golden Breakfast Wrap + Hot Tea / Hot Coffee and for Golden Sausage Wrap + Hot Tea / Hot Coffee. Golden Breakfast Wrap & Golden Sausage Wrap is only valid at Breakfast Hour from 05.00-11.00 and can be purchased for dining in, take away, Drive-Thru, or Delivery.

Make sure also your breakfast portion is served in sufficient quantities. As previously discussed, excessive portions of food or too full at breakfast will make you lazy to move so that it will lead to potential weight gain. Some examples of the healthy breakfast menu are good for the body, among others, whole grains, foods with high protein content, low-fat dairy products, and fruits and vegetables. Whole wheat can be consumed in the form of granola, muesli, and cereals. Just make sure to use additional ingredients that the number of calories is not excessive. Some examples of high protein foods include eggs, lean meats, and nuts. If you want to eat milk at breakfast, choose low-fat dairy products such as low-fat or nonfat milk, yogurt or low-fat cheese.

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