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Best Roof Framing

Do you feel that the house has to be completely renovated? Total dismantling by the professional roofing company Hickory NC is a quick solution when the entire roof truss has been damaged. Conditions that endanger the family force you to replace the entire frame with a new one. One of them is by using a mild steel frame. However, replacing the old wooden frame with mild steel is not as easy as it looks. There are some notes that you should know. First, you need to calculate the height of the material. The difference in the height of the new frame is due to differences in the roof components.

The lightweight steel does not use the rafters and rafters, unlike the wooden frame. It relies on the foundation, so the position of the new mild steel needs to be lower. But the wall also needs to be raised 18cm. Any change in roof height can lead to a lowering of the roof. If the house is renovated the walls must be raised by a minimum of 18cm. When the walls are not raised, the roof is lowered. As a result, the frame or vent is closed, the air circulation will be shorter and make stuffy. You can do this by adding masonry plus new tie blocks. There is an additional fee too. So they often outsmart by using a cutting system to make it faster and easier. Even though it’s dangerous. The cuttings system is the addition of mild steel supports to distribute the roof load to the beam ring. Its function is to replace the position of the walls and ring beams which should be raised.

The risk is great when the support rods support the load and the movement of the roof. If it is not strong, the roof could collapse. After the wall elevation is complete, the light steel frame installation process is ready to be carried out. This installation process is not much different from installing a new roof. Starting from site survey by technician, calculation, frame delivery to installation. So you want to replace the old wooden frame with steel?

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