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Other Benefits Alkaline Water

Other Benefits Alkaline Water

As is well known, the benefits of alkaline water are very good for the body that can maintain the pH balance and effective to help detoxification process. However, there are benefits not only limited to it. There are many other things you can use in everyday life. One of them, for the beauty of the face. Alkaline Water contains alkaline water with Ph 8 +, can work to shrink the pores so that the skin will become firmer. If you have problems with black spots, do not worry. Alkaline water can also help to eliminate it. So that the face looks fresh, not dull, and can also be used to remove acne-scar and acne scars. For best results, its use can be done at night, before bed with conditions already clean of makeup and dust. The trick, clean your face from makeup attached, then rinse with face washing soap. Once clean, wash the face using alkaline water, then let stand until it dries without the need to be dyed. Some of you could just make your own alkaline water with a tool that you can buy at

This method is familiar to do. Because in Japan people often do it as a beauty ritual every day. Alkaline or alkaline water is considered capable to restore the natural acid layer of the skin so that the protective layer will keep the skin moist, and keep from pollution in the environment such as dust, oxidants, harmful bacteria and so forth. In fact, they often take a bath using alkaline water or alkaline water, in order to maintain its beauty. If viewed from the use on the outside of the body is very useful, would be more the maximum results if assisted with treatment from the body. Namely by drinking alkaline water as much as at least 2 liters per day or equivalent to 8 glasses of water every day. The benefits will you get a maximal if routine drink and consume it every day.

Several studies have been done to prove this theory. A study in 2009 showed that alkaline water with high bicarbonate and calcium content can increase bone strength. However, further research is still needed to see if this effect is useful for the long term and whether it can help increase bone density. In addition, alkaline water is believed to be the number of people able to increase metabolism, help the body absorb nutrients more effectively, and slow the aging process. However, these claims have not been verified by the doctors.

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