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Basis of Taxation: The Tax Based on Method of Collection

Basis of Taxation: The Tax Based on Method of Collection

Being a tax consultant is not an easy thing. Many phases must be passed to become a tax consultant, one of which includes the aspect of education. Being a professional tax consultant means it requires precision and honesty in doing so. It will make you trusted to work on tax-related cases, including IRS installment agreement. Because, taxes associated with money very much.

In addition to the obligation to pay taxes, as a taxpayer, you also have to understand the various types of taxes that in the ordinary course you submit to the consultant services. In this case, tax classification can be categorized by the type of collection and management agency.

According to the method of collection, the tax is divided into two namely:

– Direct tax
Referring to the opinion of tax consulting services, that according to the method of the collection there is a tax classified as a direct tax. This tax type cannot be transferred to someone else. Examples of these direct taxes are income tax, property tax, motor vehicle tax, and also dividend tax on profit sharing of shares owned by a person.

– Indirect taxes
In addition to direct taxes, according to the services of tax consultants, there is also an indirect tax which in this case, the tax may be transferable to others. Some types of taxes included in the indirect tax category are an export tax, value added tax, import tax and even tax from cigarette ribbon applicants.

That is the tax divided according to the way of collection. Of course, both the tax consultant and the tax law attorney must understand the ways in which the tax is levied. If they have high credibility and a lot of experience, then the type of tax based on the way they are collected is not a difficult thing for them. Why? Because this is still the basis of tax collection. While there are many more complicated processes to traverse. That is why you are advised to choose the right tax consultant service for you.

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