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ATV Ride In Bali

ATV Ride In Bali

Bali Island as a world tourist destination is certainly able to provide a complete tourist choice of activities. Ranging from beach tours, performances, and dance performances, playing rafting and also travel by riding an ATV. ATV games now attract many people who love the challenge of nature. There are several tourist spots in Bali that provide this ATV riding tour. To be able to play ATVs in Bali, the prices offered are also very diverse. However, the usual bali atv ride price offered is 600K IDR for the duration of the trip from one hour to two hours.

ATV or All-Terrain Vehicle is a vehicle that can be used for all types of terrain traversed. The advantage of ATV compared to other types of vehicles is its ability to pass through a variety of terrain, especially broad terrain, like the beach, hill, to jump into the river. ATVs are made up of wheels which are movable and have low-pressure tires. The existence of the ATV was originally used for agricultural facilities. But now ATVs are widely used as a means of recreation. ATV wheels are specially modified for off-road environments. Driving an ATV requires reliability in controlling the vehicle so that it can produce appropriate maneuver in driving. The virtue of this ATV tour is very challenging adrenaline. The size of the ATV is indeed larger than the bikes in general. Excellent physical strength and stamina are necessary for anyone who has the desire to play and drive an ATV.

There are two types of ATV games offered. First is the ATV single ATV which is only driven by one person. A driving test will be conducted to see the ability of the tourists in driving. Because in this ATV game, safety factor also remains a top priority that gets attention. The second type of ATV is a tandem, which is an ATV that can be driven by two people that usually used by a couple. The ride on an ATV will also pass through a rural location with a pleasant atmosphere. Routes that are usually provided are very diverse, ranging from the atmosphere of sandy beaches, areas full of mud, rocky uphill areas, to steep rivers with many large rocks.

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