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Application to Create 2D Animated Image Video

Application to Create 2D Animated Image Video

Want to make an animated video with ease? An animated video you can use to fill Business channels and ordinary channels on YouTube. If good, then the animated video will suck more audiences from among children. Well, these kids when they like the video they choose, it will continue to watch until the end. This is certainly great for improving your YouTube watch time. You can visit and we will give you the best video animation lesson. However, if you want to make your own, there are some applications that you can use for free.

In terms of video marketing, if you have already purchased a video marketing service package, you will still need other videos to strengthen and fill your YouTube channel. Some of these applications you can make an alternative. The following applications can be used with PCs and laptops. Also very easy to use. No need high skill. But of course, you must have strong creativity and imagination.

1. Plastic Animation Paper
This application can be downloaded free and pertained a simple but effective application. The use of PAP is usually to draw animation and later can be saved in any format. Many of the features contained in this application, such as drawing area, set the frame rate, zoom, insert images, adding music and much more. For those who are beginners or less painstaking drawing may be less like this best application. But if you want to learn then on the internet has many outstanding tutorials to make a 2D animation with this application.

2. Pencil2D Animation
Pencil2D is software that we can use to make 2D animation very easily. The features available are simple so easy to use. Among other features are imported images, import sound, give color, draw, and others. The work with this application you can export in the format of Flash Video, Movie, X Sheet, and others. Another advantage of this application is open source, portable, and cross-platform so it can for Mac, Linux, and Windows and other OS.

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