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All Dart Enthusiasts Miss Mr. Bristow

All Dart Enthusiasts Miss Mr. Bristow

World darts star, Eric Bristow, breathed his last on Thursday 5 April local time. He reportedly died at the age of 60 years due to a heart attack. Bristow is the brightest darts athlete ever. His achievements as the owner of a world title five times has never been rivaled to date. In addition, Bristow also filled the first rank of the World Darts Federation (WDF) six times. Bristow who was born in East London is also known as the founder of the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC), which was formed in 1993. Thanks to him, darts are increasingly valued and can be recognized by many people. Even there is the best dart board for the money that is very affordable that everyone can buy.

The sad news that befell Bristow was first announced by PDC Chairperson Barry Hearn. He mentioned that Bristow would always be remembered as a world-class sports legend and Britain. He was an amazing dart athlete. Fans love to see him even after his retirement. You can expect that he is not just an excellent dart athlete, but he has an extraordinary character too, due to the fact that so many people love him.

“Eric was never afraid of controversy. He always spoke honestly and openly when speaking as the founder (PDC). Surely many people would miss,” he added.

Bristow retired as a professional darts player in 2007. Two years before the decision was taken, biodata about Bristow had also been displayed in the PDC Hall of Fame.

Darts is a traditional game that turned into professional sports in Europe. The rules of the game are almost the same as archery, only the arrows are smaller and the way to shoot them is by hand.

Eric Bristow may have gone from our lives, but his spirit and techniques in darts will not be forgotten as long as at least there is a single person who is still throwing his darts to get the bulls-eye on the target board.

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