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About Me

Welcome to Mt Rushmore Book Store!

On this blog, you will not find any books on sale. Although it is used ‘book store’ words, I do not sell books here. The purpose of the bookstore is this blog will provide a lot of information such as books sold. You must know that books have a variety of information. Meanwhile, the bookstore has a lot of books on sale, meaning more information to be shared with people. That’s why I use the word bookstore. On this blog, you find a lot of information with various themes and you will not regret having visited my blog.

My name is Doris C Hilliard. I made five big categories in this blog. They are business and finance, technology, entertainment, health, and lifestyle. The category has been able to contain other themes that exist throughout the article. Besides that, categories can make it easier for you to find the theme you want. If you do not have much time, you do not need to read the entire blog just to find the necessary information. Simply search in a particular category or be able to use the ‘search’ facility and you just type in the required keywords.

Why am I sharing information in blogs? Because I love to write. Writing is my way to share information with people. The internet also makes it easy for me to share the internet. I just need to sit and post on the blog. After that person from all over the world can read my writing. That’s why I write all the articles in English, so people can understand them.

I hope the writing in this blog can be useful for many people. At the same time can provide entertainment for them. For those of you who want to find a particular tutorial, you can search on this blog. I also put video links to make it easier for people to understand certain themes. Feel free to fill out the ‘contact us’ if you want to ask certain things from this blog. Happy blog walking!