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A Website Need VPS

Is VPS (Virtual Private Server) a requirement on the website? Simply put, Free Virtual Private Server is a virtual server that works using the operating system in the VPS provider so that it can do data storage. It also functions as a substitute for a personal PC. Generally, the service is presented as a paid service so that it can be used if it is already subscribed.

VPS services also have various packages. Starting from the monthly plan to the annual plan. In a simple definition, VPS can be interpreted as a server computer service owned by someone after subscribing but this server is not within the scope of your home. Because of its role as a server, you can access it anywhere and anytime as long as there is an internet network.

Like laptops or PCs, VPS can be used to store data and software installation activities. VPS is also often used for bot software, cloud computing, and to maximize forex robot software, which is well known in the trading world. VPS is a helper as well as a substitute for a device like a computer that works for 24 hours without stopping.

While still subscribing, VPS can be used as a place to store a variety of important data or to run the software in real-time. Starting from the hard disk, memory, operating system, to the type of process. VPS access for 24 hours is usually supported by fairly high internet speed.

High-speed internet access is needed so that users more easily access personal computers by utilizing remote desktop connection software. This software is also found on the Windows operating system. Although in general, VPS services are provided with high internet speeds, at certain times the connection can be slow if run on a PC.

VPS is usually provided in two types, unmanaged and managed. Unmanaged VPS is a service that is already equipped with Linux and Windows OS and others according to hosting. Meanwhile, managed VPS is a server that is still empty. Besides being empty, users are provided with IP, password, and root.

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