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3 Old Devices That Changed By Smartphone

3 Old Devices That Changed By Smartphone

Technology has changed many things, which initially seems difficult and impossible, can now be done more easily and quickly thanks to the presence of the latest technology. The more advanced technology, the more sophisticated devices that can be used to support life. For example, Smartphone its presence in addition to communication tools are also used for other needs.

Not a few of the old devices are replaced because of the presence of smartphones. Anything? Here are three devices whose function is replaced by a smartphone.

1. Game Boy

Game Boy is a pretty phenomenal device in the 90’s. The device was released by Nintendo in Japan in 1989. This game console entered Europe around the 1990s. The Game Boy has a small LCD with gray text with a green screen. Like other similar handheld game devices, Game Boy can be turned on with the help of 4 make batteries.

One of the games in the Game Boy is Tetris, The Blues Brothers, Super Mario, and Pokemon. Gradually, games in Game Boy can now be downloaded on smartphones and users also forget the preoccupation of this device.

2. Walkman and Cassette

Not all know that the Walkman is a cassette player device that was introduced by Sony in 1979. His popularity makes each device a cassette player that appears on the market called Walkman. The presence of the Walkman and the tape was slowly replaced by a CD player, subsequent MP3 Player innovation replacing the CD Player. Currently, the smartphone offers a variety of music player applications and music streaming is increasingly prevalent used by smartphone users.

3. Floppy disk

Who has ever used a floppy disk to store data? Floppy disk is a slow storage of magnetic data and their storage capacity is small, very popular until the late 90’s. Exactly when Apple removes the disk reader on his computer. This device was released in 1967, initially present in 8-inch size, gradually evolved into smaller. The floppy disk is then replaced by a CD and a flash disk (USB stick) which is still in use today. Even so, the presence of smartphones and cloud storage services make users can store data more safely.

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