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2 Exercises to Burn Hip Fat by Muscle Nation

2 Exercises to Burn Hip Fat by Muscle Nation

When you want to tone muscles or losing fat around your hips, diet and exercise is the right combination. It is important to focus on losing overall body fat, you can do some exercises that can help the muscles in or around your core and hips. Having stronger lower body muscles and less far will give your hips a leaner and more sculpted appearance. Also, having less fat and more muscle will making easier to control your body weight and burn calories. Muscle Nation has some exercises that you can try to burn hip fat.

If you want to burn hip fat or losing overall body fat, here’s the recommendation of exercises you can try while workouts.

Muscle Nation Exercises to Burn Hip Fat

1. Wall Sits
Wall sits or wall squats are Muscle Nation recommendation for lower abs, thighs, and hips. It can help you to test muscle endurance, lose weight, and build core strength. The first step is to stand up straight with back pressed against a wall and legs will be a few inches away from the wall. Slide down the wall until in a sitting position and hold it for 20 to 30 seconds. You can try to work up to 1 minute.

2. Step-ups with weights
Another recommendation by Muscle Nation you should try. This exercise will improve the stability and balance by working the muscles in hips, thighs, and glutes areas. The steps are easy to follow, just stand up with your feet about hip-width apart in front of a knee-height step or bench with a dumbell in each. Then step onto bench with your right foot, while keeping the weights at your side, you can drive your left knee up.
After that lower down your left leg and stepping backward off the bench. You can complete 10 to 15 reps by leading with your right leg and then switch it.

That’s the exercises recommendation by Muscle Nation to help you burn hip fat. You can do those exercises in your daily workouts.

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